2011 ✣ Video
 Rebecca gazes into the crystal ball. It is afternoon in a Brooklyn neighborhood of industrial buildings. Rebecca has a way with words just as words have a way of seeking her out. The crystal ball intensifies this. The A train rumbles over the Manhattan Bridge. Rebecca gazes into the crystal ball. Nighttime in a suburban neighborhood of burnt out buildings. Words have a way with Rebecca just as Rebecca has a way of seeking them out. The crystal ball intensifies this. Shot using analog video equipment from the early Seventies, Gossip is the second in a series of works stepping into the mystic beyond which encircles us on every side. The first was LOVE ROSE (2010). Icelandic artist Thorana Bjornsdottir collaborated on the soundtrack. Featuring Rebecca Budrose. GOSSIP premiered a the 49th annual New York Film Festival (2011) as part of Views of the Avant Garde.
Distributed by Video Data Bank

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