BOBBY ABATE  is a Queer Brooklyn-based artist, filmmaker, and editor. Bobby’s work has been featured in exhibitions and screenings at prestigious venues such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the New York Film Festival, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, the San Francisco Cinematheque, and the ICA in London, among others. He is currently an artist in residence at the LMCC's Art Center on Governor's Island in New York City. In 2023, Bobby was awarded the DVAA artist fellowship. As an editor, Bobby worked on season 3 of the queer docuseries We're Here on HBO, which recently won Peabody and Television Academy awards, in addition to creating animated performance videos for the world-famous drag performer, Sasha Velour. Bobby is currently writing a screenplay based on the complex life of queer pulp novelist/nutritionist Carlson Wade that delves into New York’s queer underground in the era before the seminal Stonewall riots of 1969. In 2021, Bobby released the Outsider Tarot, a deck of cards that reimagines the traditional Tarot with 80 original artworks, a project that showcases Bobby's creative range and commitment to queer storytelling.
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