1993-4 ✣ VHS Video

In 1993-1994, when I was in art school, I felt like an outsider amongst outsiders.  I was queer, but there were so few out queer people around me.  I felt like I had no identity, so I started to obsessively do a numbered series of self portrait sketches in black pen to explore different personalities and aspects of myself.  They range from fantastical to completely absurd.  At some point, I started to dress up at these characters film myself using my family's old Sears VHS camera that I rescued from the garbage.
The Magician, the Book Worm, the Sad One, the Grunge Boy, the Circus Clown, the Screamer, the Weirdo, the Natural, the Demon, the Bachelor, the Questioner, the Cowboy, the Narcissist, the Nude, the Art Deco, the Old One and the Magician again.

Distributed directly by the artist.

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